Class Descriptions

Our class types are listed below in order of increasing difficulty. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Mobility + Restore

Perfect for those new to yoga, athletes, or those looking to ease the aging journey, however, it is also a great class for all our students regardless of level.  This class places heavy emphasis on alignment and core stability, making it a true foundation to any practice.  Our goal is to provide a non-flow based class that is accessible to all students, regardless of physical limitations due to injury, age, and circumstance.  This is a great introduction to our studio.  During this 1 hour class you can expect to loosen tight muscles, let go of any fears of yoga, work to mobilize tight joints, ligaments/tendons, and find a deeper connection to breath and self.  Each class will bring something unique to the mat to continue the support of our student's yoga journey.  


In contrast to yang yoga (vinyasa/flow classes) which focuses more on musculature strength and flexibility, YIN targets the connective tissue between those muscles and the body’s fascial system.  During YIN yoga, we will hold restorative poses for longer periods allowing the muscles to relax and disengage in order to reach and lengthen the connective tissue. Through deep breathing and stillness, YIN increases flexibility, relaxation and emotional peace.  This class is highly encouraged for new students, athletes, older students, and anyone looking to find a peaceful, relaxed practice.  YIN in not easy, but it is intentional which gives us the space to explore our body, mind, and heart while accessing our body's deepest postural system, the fascia! 

Flow + Restore
This all levels class is the perfect blend of movement and ease.  Each class will consist of about 1/2 Flow Yoga (Vinyasa) aiming to nourish the body with breath and linked, meditative movement.  The other 1/2 of class we will focus on Restorative style poses which offers a welcome respite among all the turbulence of life and helps to prepare the mind and body for the inward stroke of meditation and deepened awareness. Moving slowly through the poses allows you to explore your mind and body at a steady and natural tempo. 
Emphasizes the forms and actions within yoga postures. Classes progressively and safely sequence towards more complex poses, and spend time breaking down techniques for honing awareness and skill on and off the mat. This practice emphasizes cultivating a consistent yoga practice and draws upon a wide range of postures that build strength, flexibility, and highly-refined awareness in body and mind.  All levels are welcome to attend our Flow classes, but the basics are better found in our Foundation series and beginners classes (on rotating Saturdays).  Vinyasa flow yoga is faster paced than some of our other classes.  Before attending, one should be cleared by a doctor to perform aerobic exercise.
Bed Head
A morning wake up call to our athletic yogis.  Moving our bodies early in the morning can bring much focus and productivity to our day.  Join us for a powerful flow with emphasis on strength, cardio, movement, and flexibility.  This class includes attention to breath, awareness of our bodies, and an overall full body workout.  You will leave energized and ready to meet your day head on.  This class is not advised for beginner students, although we will offer many modifications to keep students safe and efficiently access some of our more advanced poses. 
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