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We are proud to to be Cody's first  ever hot yoga studio.  Hot yoga has become extremely popular in western culture as a way to deepen your asana practice and overall yoga experience.  It is through the heat that we are able to dive deeper inward and connect fully with our intention and breath. You may find that by adding this element you feel more challenged in your practice, greater body awareness, more efficient breathing, and able to more quickly get deeper into poses than in a non-heated environment. 


The Hot Studio was built with the intention of being a more intimate experience.  We have no windows or mirrors, which helps our students turn off the chaos of the outer world and encourages a personal connection on the mat. Our classes range in temperature from 75-95 degrees, with the humidity around 40.  Please review our class descriptions prior to class so you know what to expect for heat and style of class as we offer a wide variety.  We suggest you bring a towel and plenty of water to each class. We are excited to welcome new students and to assist you on your own journey to yoga!

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