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Our Teachers


With a background in service and caring for people’s needs, Brianna believes that yoga is about connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the world. Her personal yoga journey started in 2007 out of curiosity and has developed into a passion for sharing yoga with others. Brianna is interested in bringing the balance of breath and movement to our lives both on and off the mat. She is trained in Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin, Pre/Post Natal, and Yoga Nidra. Brianna’s faith in God and believing the highest form of teaching is to lead by example results in her intention to  practice integrity and loving kindness in her life.

Brianna began her teaching journey in 2018 and became owner of Firefly Yoga and Wellness in 2021.

Brianna Holm, Owner


amy pic2.jpg

Amy Beaverson has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She completed her certification in 2010 through Dana’ Baptiste INBody Teacher training through Centered City Yoga in Salt Lake City. Amy believes we can learn from simply moving our bodies and breathing. “We all march to the beat of our own drum. It is a blessing that practicing yoga can give us more knowledge about our own rhythms, understanding of our boundaries, and growth.” Yoga has been a staple in Amy’s life not only throughout her healing and recovery, but also as a path to overall wellness. She is currently a full-time student of single motherhood as well as studying Health Sciences at Sheridan College online. Amy believes yoga can help people reconnect and uncover strength, as well as soften life’s rough edges. Her yoga practice has been something she holds onto and loves returning to her mat again and again. Amy is humbled and honored to return to teaching and hopes to help students become reacquainted with deeper aspects of their own yoga practice through unique vinyasa sequences and good vibes. She looks forward to seeing you in class!

Amy Beaverson

Emily Reed pic 1_edited.jpg

Emily discovered yoga while she was training as a Division 1 college athlete, she quickly discovered that the synergy of breath and movement greatly improved her mental and physical well-being. Developing a consistent yoga practice over the years had a profound impact on her life, leading her to become a yoga teacher in 2017.  Whether you are new to the mat or have been practicing for two decades, Emily’s classes will allow you to explore and expand your practice in a safe and loving space. Her classes are often characterized by a playful and dynamic approach, with a focus on finding joy in your mind and body.

Emily Reed

Bernie is a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance.  She has been active most of her life, enjoying various forms of physical activities. As a Wyoming native, Bernie loves the outdoors and all that Mother Nature has to offer. Yoga has brought a sense of well being, on a personal, spiritual, and physical level to her life. Bernie received her yoga teacher training in 2018 and teaches at Firefly Yoga and Wellness. Her training includes Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, and Yoga Nidra. She trained under Meghan Gaspers and Paul Earnhart, both E-RYT200 certified Yoga instructors with Yoga Alliance. Bernie’s classes will give students a great workout and a rewarding sense of mind body connection.

bernie pic1.jpeg

Bernie Butler


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Brooke combines myofascial work with my dynamic, major-muscle-group movements to optimize nourishment in your body. She teaches well-rounded classes that challenge, strengthen, and expand the body as well as the mind. Her classes utilize intelligent movement, intentional stillness, creative transitions, and always a variety of options so that attendees can choose what feels right in their own bodies. In addition to teaching hatha & vinyasa flow, Brooke offers many other personalized yoga experiences. In all her offerings her goal is to empower people that they might show up in their lives as their best selves, embodied. Brooke is a 200RYT with a 100hr Trauma-Informed (read: nervous system integration) endorsement. To learn more about Brooke and her offerings or to subscribe to her monthly wellness newsletter, visit her website: 

Brooke Davidson


Tiffani Jackson attended her first Yoga class in the early 1990’s while attending Northwest College. She recognized the importance of a movement practice that she enjoyed and, fostered a connection in mind and body. After practicing Yoga for over two decades, she graduated her Yoga Teacher Training in Cody, Wyoming at HERE Yoga School in 2009, and has been practicing, teaching, and learning ever since. She believes that Yoga is for any body, any age, any time and any place. Recognizing that students change over time, Tiffani has a way of reaching her students where they are at, with her gentle, authentic, and mindful style. Tiffani’s favorite teachers include Baxter Bell (Yoga for Healthy Aging,) Dr. Laura Vanderberg, The Kripalu School and Prakash Kaur.

 Most recently Tiffani gained her diploma from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Integrative Health, with an emphasis on Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance. She incorporates her knowledge of the mind, body, and spirit practices in every class she teaches. 

“I want to help others feel more at ease in the yoga postures, so that they feel the benefits, and enjoy longevity, on and off the mat.”  ~Tiffani Jackson

Tiffani Jackson.jpg

Tiffani Jackson

Jenna Lewins

Jenna Lewins .jpeg

Hey there, I'm Jenna Lewins (she/her). I empower students to practice yoga with curiosity and explore their bodies through movement. I encourage students to listen to their body's needs. I intend for my classes to be mindful and welcoming to all people of different ages and backgrounds. I have taught across North America and Europe through studio workshops and festivals. I don't consider myself naturally flexible or a natural athlete. I practice yoga to feel better in my body- a.k.a. to release tension from my shoulders & neck, to connect with my breath & thoughts, and to be strong. I am a yoga teacher with over 700 hours of yoga-related training. I'm working on my Girls Gone Strong Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certification. I have lived in Cody since 2022. I enjoy hikes and snowshoeing with my husband & two dogs, reading while sipping my Bulletproof Coffee, & ending the day with a true crime documentary. 

You can find more about me at my website,


Melanie has been a group fitness instructor for 4 years.  Certified in several formats Insanity, P90x, PiYO, Core De Force-an MMA format, TurboKick-kickboxing dance class, Transform 20-STEP aerobics class, BARRE, and Pumped Up Strength. She is currently studying to become a Health/Wellness and Behavioral Coach. Melanie started her own health and fitness journey in 2010 when she was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc disease and suffered from chronic severe lower back pain.  With adjustments to diet, fitness and strengthening, she has been able to manage the pain for several years. Her passion is helping others find confidence in themselves to be their own hero. She loves to be surrounded by like minded individuals,all while recognizing we are all so UNIQUE and our bodies move differently. She is excited to share the gift of movement and healthy living with you!

Melanie Matthews

Sandy came to yoga in 1998 after a health crisis left her looking for a holistic way to deal with her stress-related health issues. She found that yoga decreased her stress level and helped her heal. She has practiced regularly since that first class. In 2012 she decided to complete her RYT 200 hour teacher training so she could help others as they were on their journey toward optimal health. Laura Vanderberg taught the teacher training class. She has been influential as Sandy developed her teaching style.

Sandy headshot.jpg

Sandy Newsome

Class Types

Yin: In contrast to yang yoga (vinyasa/flow classes) which focuses more on musculature strength and flexibility, YIN targets the connective tissue between those muscles and the body’s fascial system.  During YIN yoga, we will hold restorative poses for longer periods allowing the muscles to relax and disengage in order to reach and lengthen the connective tissue. Through deep breathing and stillness, YIN increases flexibility, relaxation and emotional peace.  This class is highly encouraged for new students, athletes, older students, and anyone looking to find a peaceful, relaxed practice.  YIN in not easy, but it is intentional which gives us the space to explore our body, mind, and heart while accessing our body's deepest postural system, the fascia! Appropriate for all levels.

Mobility & Restore: Perfect for those new to yoga, athletes, or those looking to ease the aging journey, however, it is also a great class for all our students regardless of level.  This class places heavy emphasis on alignment and core stability, making it a true foundation to any practice.  Our goal is to provide a non-flow based class that is accessible to all students, regardless of physical limitations due to injury, age, and circumstance.  This is a great introduction to our studio.  During this 1 hour class you can expect to loosen tight muscles, let go of any fears of yoga, work to mobilize tight joints, ligaments/tendons, and find a deeper connection to breath and self.  Each class will bring something unique to the mat to continue the support of our student's yoga journey. Appropriate for all levels.

Flow & Restore: This class is the perfect blend of movement and ease. Each class will consist of gentle Vinyasa and Restorative postures, appropriate for all experience levels.


Vinyasa: A flowing style of yoga based on linking movement with conscious breath. Each class is a unique sequence of poses designed to uplift and inspire. These classes offer a variety of poses and also some challenging poses. Some yoga experience is recommended, but modifications are offered to make this class accessible to all levels. Level 1/2.


Power Flow: A vinyasa class with a little faster pace than our regular vinyasa flow classes. Focus on strengthening body and mind. Some yoga experience recommended. Class is heated to 90 degrees. Level 2/3.

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